Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Okay so we have won a few games, this is VERY unorthodox for the SUU. (we put "the" in front of everything, in case anybody wants to be cool like us) So our students are spirited WITHOUT a winning team. Can you imagine all of a sudden having the quarterback (who I know personally, very nice young man) leading the nation with pass efficiency? Yeah we got a little crazy. At the Weber State game I admit I might have been out of hand. We had some boys with their chests painted and the mascot from the opposing team (ironically a Wildcat) threw water on the half naked enthusiastic young men. This was uncalled for. I had about eight layers on it was so cold, my fellow fans could catch pneumonia! So I sort of yelled at him and was getting a silly reaction, we proceeded to fight throughout the entire game. I was sitting in between the Greeks and SUUSA (stu. govt) since I am involved with both. Kellin filled up a gatorade bottle full of water. When the Wildcat came over he handed it to me. The whole section cheering "Bridget, Bridget, Bridget!" (Wes later told me he could hear that on the field) So I coaxed the Wildcat over with a few kisses blown over his way. Once he got close enough his mascot costume was drenched. And the crowd goes wild! hahahh it was fun. I might be little but I am crazy. You should be scared of the crazy ones. He was.

That's a picture of my boys all decked out, another one from the greatest day ever in Vegas, and some of my sisters and I at the Club Fair in our letters! I'll have a camera one day!