Monday, March 28, 2011

Saturday, March 05, 2011

So I have really been eyeing your blogs, and you just aren't posting enough. So I guess I thought maybe if I blogged, I would influence you. I need to get a sweet camera to take fun pictures to post. I only ever take pictures with Philly's phone.

I just now ate a cupcake.
I came to the conclusion yesterday that I just want to pour balsamic vinegar and oil all over everything. It just makes everything taste so delicious.
My mom found THE perfect shoes for my wedding, and I have been showing them to everybody.
After a very busy and long night of work Philly surprised me and dropped by on his way home, just in time to fix the rail thingy in my closet that had fallen down!
Our dishwasher at work cut his finger pretty badly and I bandaged him all up, my co-worker Malissa called me the "work mom" best compliment ever.
Christine's adorable niece Evelyn can totally say my name now, and used it liberally today to demand more grapes :) I happily obliged.
I am meeting with the seamstress to fit my dress on Monday!
I overheard my Dad say something like, "She can have whatever she wants, she's the bride." That one was just to brag.
Or is ALL of this to brag? Isn't that what blogging is? Either complaining or bragging?
I'll stop now.."I'm not a complainer." -Jim Halpert