Thursday, August 31, 2006

This was from last semester, I jumped into the fountain in front of one of our famous theatres. It just seemes like a good idea.

So I am at school. The title stems from a cheer they do here, it's very clever. The cheerleaders are soo creative. Southern!! (two claps) Utah!! That's it. I know. So I insert Alpha Phi (the sorority I'm in) and SUU into all of the cheers I knew from high school. Which are all soo much better. And all of my friends and I are the loudest anyway. At the football games we are seriously louder than the cheerleaders. I am not yet used to a losing team. LVHS is about the greatest at everything, but the football games are still fun. Right now I have to go make a huge banner for the tailgate so I should get going, first let me fill you in on my semester so far..

I have class and work and institute and Alpha Phi AND SUUSA (student govt). BUSY. I work at Starbucks, the T-Bird Grill, and the Country Store on campus. I run around like a mad woman. I like it though I work with all students most of them I know and people come and visit me. I have my own room this year which all of my roommates call the closet. I prefer the other name "The Sev" (the dimensions are 7' by 11') I took a picture of the sparkly 711 on Fremont street which is no longer there and put it on my door. I have AWESOME professors. My history class i think my book is the same as Caity's was that WE The People you still have it? Then I could hawk mine! Professor Miller has a thick southern accent and he's funny, his lectures are awesome.

I miss Patrick soo much. I got used to knowing he was downstairs and making me chicken fingers in the middle of the night.
Dad and I when Mom was on her cruise watched this Charles Dickens miniseries (won some Emmy's) "Bleakhouse" and we only had one disc from Netflix. It was way good and we couldn't wait to watch the rest. It never came. Dad called me a few days ago to tell me you can get it at the library. Yea we felt dumb. Good stuff though, I recommend you pick it up.

I just noticed my capitilization and puntuation is better. I'm turned on to school mode.

It's Welcome Week and I am on student govt so I am waay busy..There are so many things this week I wanted to take a picture of and show everyone on my my blog. (that's what I think in my head now) But unfotunately I have no fancy camera. So for now you'll have to deal with my boring written out updates.


Saturday, August 19, 2006

It was my friend's farewell (Brandon Ruesch) Who I have known forever and EVERYBODY was in town. Even Sara came from the Navy. The greatest weekend.

The last picture is the five of us girls that were all best friends in my freshmen year of High School. Lindsay moved away after that year, and now we're all doing different things obviously. It's fun to see each other again. We plan "friend reunions" every year usually in the summer, where we can all go and have a day of fun together. We never stop laughing.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

We took a trip a little bit ago up to the mountains and had a cookout with a bunch of my co-workers. It was a blast. I work with F-U-N people.

DJ Tanner woop with the hair!

It was cold, I stole Zach's cool sweater. But it is now what my friends refer to as "the fatgirl sweater" I did not look slim in it. HAH