Wednesday, October 29, 2008


8 TV Shows I Watch:

-The Office
---The Hills
----30 Rock
-----Ace of Cakes
------Grey's Anatomy
-------Kimora Life in the Fab Lane
--------Run's House

8 Things That Happened Yesterday

-I drank only good things (nosoda)
--Evicted and sent to jail a couple for "domestic violence"
---Got my 90 day eval for management
----Wrote a novel of an email about an upset guest
-----Went to the doctor
------Screamed sang Ben Folds in the car
-------Talked to Lauren on the phone in between her classes
--------Did a birthday dance for a girl at work

8 Favorite Places to Eat:

-In N Out
--Dal Italia
----Spago (calamari)
-----China Agogo
------Cafe Rio
-------Bella Panini

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To:

-December 17th!
--Thanksgiving with my huge fam!
---The day after Thankgiving the temple!
----Christmas in the MTC (not sarcastic)
-----Putting my nametag on for the first time
------The Office every Thursday
-------My last day at work
--------Getting letters (hint)

This one is for family

Thursday, October 09, 2008

I have a story to tell you. It is simple, but I feel the need to share it with anyone who wishes to read! This may be an unusual place to bare feelings and testimony builders, but where else could I simultaneously express such things to almost all of my loved ones at once!

Last night I couldn't fall asleep. Not because I was troubled, merely because every other day I work until 5-7 in the morning.

I started reading from two different blogs from two LDS sisters-one having recently been in a plane crash leaving her and her husband in critical condition. I've been aware of the blogs, as they are quite popular, but hadn't ever invested in discovery of my own.
After reading a vast array of entries from both, I was reflecting on their lives and their faith; and then I began reflecting on my own. I became excited for my future, grateful for everything I have; yet pained in a way that I couldn't share every joyful moment with every member of my family. This seems extreme I know, but being that this family was being faced with such trials, mine became minimal and trivial, and all I longed for was to be around those I love and cherish most; to not take for granted having them here with me.
I was struck with both a yearning and yet an understanding that life on this earth is just a brief moment in eternity and once it is over, I have all the time to spend with you people.
Still lingering on these deep recognitions, I knelt to pray, knowing I should be in bed.
I thanked Heavenly Father for all the things I wasn't sure I deserved. I then asked to bless my family. I then felt something, almost arms around me-holding and embracing me. An overwhelming peace and love flew over me. No purer love or comfort. The Comforter was doing just that. It is real.
I know that this life-I'm going to enjoy it. But I want to enjoy it with you. How lucky are we that we get even more time than that?

Thursday, October 02, 2008

picture by heather abbott.


I was going to post pictures of all of my collected appointment cards for doctor's dates and times. But I thought the picture that will be used to identify me for the following year and half was a better idea.