Sunday, December 19, 2010

This is Philip, I barely like him. I'm sure you can tell from this picture. We had the most awesome day today. He came over with some donuts from Provo bakery, one which had bacon on it. I didn't touch that one. We went to the mall to do our Christmas shopping. It was quite successful. We retrieved everything we were looking for. We went home to wrap some gifts (he played on his ipad and I wrapped gifts) and then we went up to Salt Lake for dinner. We are a little addicted to Zupas. I work there in Orem and that is where we ate in Salt Lake. Philip insists on a Zupas meal at least once a week. We went and looked at the lights at temple square and caught a free concert of a high school choir singing Christmas songs.

Now it is very late after laundry, and organizing and we are getting on a plane headed for Florida tomorrow! Phil is from Seattle but his parents recently moved to Florida and we are going there for Christmas. I am most definitely excited.

I'm back

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

And it was glorious.