Sunday, July 03, 2011

This is my new blog guys, I will no longer be posting here. Check it out I blogged before and after pictures of our hizzy!!

Andy and Forrest

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Andy is my sister in-law and Forrest is her husband. We are lucky enough that they live in Sandy, so we get to hang out with them all the time! We usually go out to dinner and pretty much always have dessert. We had been home from our honeymoon for a few weeks but I had to work every weekend night, so we weren't able to see them. Andy had the outside of the box idea of having dinner together on Sunday! So last Sunday they came to our new place, the first guests we had! They brought a delicious lasagna which truly hit the spot. The only designated place to eat is the bar, so we have to be creative. (Sneak peak at my awesome coffee table DI find before and after pictures of the apartment coming soon!) We had so much fun, four hours flew by and we realized it was almost bedtime. It was so fun to spend our Sabbath with family!

These awesome plates were a gift from Trav and Kassia, and check out my super sweet utensils from Pottery Barn that Stace and Brandon got us!

I took this last shot of their shoes, I had to catch their inadvertent coordination. And no, I am not wearing a Lakers shirt. Please disregard any feeling of animosity.

I'm getting hungry..

I wanted to post a couple fun pictures of the food we've been enjoying. I love having our very own kitchen and we can buy our very own food, and make something whenever we want! I am nothing near a Patti or a Caitlin in my food knowledge or expertise, I have just been making fun and easy things that my husband enjoys. Seriously Philly tells me "good job, babe" when I make toast for him. Very encouraging.
In the pictures above we made some awesome sirloin cheese burgers with pepper jack cheese. We didn't have any buns so we opted to use some onion bagels we had. I was wondering why I hadn't ever tried this-and wondering how it would be. We loved it. Holy cow, great combo.
In the pictures below we made some english muffin pizzas. You could make your own sauce but I took the easyeasy route and bought some garlic red sauce and mozzarella and pepperonis. We baked them and then broiled them for a few minutes to get the muffins toasty and delicious. They turned out so yummy. I definitely did not make enough for Philly, he was still hungry.


I just wanted to share a few honeymoon pictures I love for those who have no facebook access :) We had such an awesome time. We went to Scandia bakery too many time to admit (pictured below) We went to the beach and read, played frisbee and dug holes with tunnels. We went shopping in Newport and went to the movies a few times. We may have stumbled into the Candy Baron, a childhood memory/fantasy of mine and we were able to indulge. Best honeymoon/vacation ever.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Caity came and it was so super fun! We stayed up late, woke up late, went shopping laughed and ate. We went to Ikea and scored some awesome deals and I am so so excited about decorated our house! I will take pictures in the process. Hopefully me not saying much about the trip will motivate Cait to explain in greater detail and post on her blog and stuff.

So today I had the rare desire for exertions of athleticism. Mostly because it is so beautiful outside today (62 degrees and sunny)-seriously spring has just begun here, general conference we were covered in snow. I woke up to the sound of lawn mowers. I love that on a Saturday morning! I geared up and got ready to go. I realized on my run through the neighborhood how picturesque Orem is. Seriously, it felt like a movie. I ran past little girls making hopscotches with pictures of their families, boys on their bikes and their dogs following them, and many many people gardening. It was the best(maybe first) run I've had all year!

Philly has a final, like right now, and he also has one at eight tonight. Is that not totally wrong?? So we'll play in between, and you better believe frisbee will be involved.

best songs I ran to today;
Saviour by Lights (includes lyrics "I just wanna run to you!")
Alive With the Glory of Love by Say Anything
Mamma Mia by Abba
Crazy Love by Mindy Gledhill
Say a Little Prayer for You by the Glee Cast
Defying Gravity from Wicked (cool down)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

This is both right and relevant.

My ring is perfect.

I can't stop looking at it. This was taken in the Marriott Center this morning and it was super sparkly! The center stone is my Annie's.

Monday, April 04, 2011

These are a few pictures of us with Philly's siblings, his two sisters Rachel and Andrea. This was in Florida, maybe on Christmas day? I'm not sure. I feel like these pictures demonstrate a lot of how I feel about Philly's family. We went hot tubbing and swimming quite a bit while we were there (the weather was gorgeous). I had suggested strongly that we all jump into the pool holding hands. For those of you who know me (who would read this who doesn't know me??) this is not an outrageous request, and I am sure a few of you have experienced my begging. I don't know why, it's kind of silly. But the point is was that I was indulged. I truly felt like Philly's whole family accepted me and loved me for who I am. I felt so at home and comfortable and we have so much fun together! I know Philly feels this way about my family too, which makes me just feel so grateful! I am so excited that we can be apart of each others families and make more memories together!

I get to marry him!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Saturday, March 05, 2011

So I have really been eyeing your blogs, and you just aren't posting enough. So I guess I thought maybe if I blogged, I would influence you. I need to get a sweet camera to take fun pictures to post. I only ever take pictures with Philly's phone.

I just now ate a cupcake.
I came to the conclusion yesterday that I just want to pour balsamic vinegar and oil all over everything. It just makes everything taste so delicious.
My mom found THE perfect shoes for my wedding, and I have been showing them to everybody.
After a very busy and long night of work Philly surprised me and dropped by on his way home, just in time to fix the rail thingy in my closet that had fallen down!
Our dishwasher at work cut his finger pretty badly and I bandaged him all up, my co-worker Malissa called me the "work mom" best compliment ever.
Christine's adorable niece Evelyn can totally say my name now, and used it liberally today to demand more grapes :) I happily obliged.
I am meeting with the seamstress to fit my dress on Monday!
I overheard my Dad say something like, "She can have whatever she wants, she's the bride." That one was just to brag.
Or is ALL of this to brag? Isn't that what blogging is? Either complaining or bragging?
I'll stop now.."I'm not a complainer." -Jim Halpert