I'm getting hungry..

Sunday, June 05, 2011

I wanted to post a couple fun pictures of the food we've been enjoying. I love having our very own kitchen and we can buy our very own food, and make something whenever we want! I am nothing near a Patti or a Caitlin in my food knowledge or expertise, I have just been making fun and easy things that my husband enjoys. Seriously Philly tells me "good job, babe" when I make toast for him. Very encouraging.
In the pictures above we made some awesome sirloin cheese burgers with pepper jack cheese. We didn't have any buns so we opted to use some onion bagels we had. I was wondering why I hadn't ever tried this-and wondering how it would be. We loved it. Holy cow, great combo.
In the pictures below we made some english muffin pizzas. You could make your own sauce but I took the easyeasy route and bought some garlic red sauce and mozzarella and pepperonis. We baked them and then broiled them for a few minutes to get the muffins toasty and delicious. They turned out so yummy. I definitely did not make enough for Philly, he was still hungry.


Melissa said...

Now I'm hungry, too.

cameron & lauren said...

you're such a cute little homemaker :) from what i can see, you're place is super cute...but i wanna see it in person!

cameron & lauren said...

i used the wrong "your". i'm so humiliated.

cameron & lauren said...

cause i hate when people make that mistake. seriously, i'm embarrassed.