This one is for family

Thursday, October 09, 2008

I have a story to tell you. It is simple, but I feel the need to share it with anyone who wishes to read! This may be an unusual place to bare feelings and testimony builders, but where else could I simultaneously express such things to almost all of my loved ones at once!

Last night I couldn't fall asleep. Not because I was troubled, merely because every other day I work until 5-7 in the morning.

I started reading from two different blogs from two LDS sisters-one having recently been in a plane crash leaving her and her husband in critical condition. I've been aware of the blogs, as they are quite popular, but hadn't ever invested in discovery of my own.
After reading a vast array of entries from both, I was reflecting on their lives and their faith; and then I began reflecting on my own. I became excited for my future, grateful for everything I have; yet pained in a way that I couldn't share every joyful moment with every member of my family. This seems extreme I know, but being that this family was being faced with such trials, mine became minimal and trivial, and all I longed for was to be around those I love and cherish most; to not take for granted having them here with me.
I was struck with both a yearning and yet an understanding that life on this earth is just a brief moment in eternity and once it is over, I have all the time to spend with you people.
Still lingering on these deep recognitions, I knelt to pray, knowing I should be in bed.
I thanked Heavenly Father for all the things I wasn't sure I deserved. I then asked to bless my family. I then felt something, almost arms around me-holding and embracing me. An overwhelming peace and love flew over me. No purer love or comfort. The Comforter was doing just that. It is real.
I know that this life-I'm going to enjoy it. But I want to enjoy it with you. How lucky are we that we get even more time than that?


Patti said...

My expectation of what family life will be like in the next life is what gives me hope. If I didn't have that knowledge I'm pretty sure I would be in the depths of despair.

Remember Annie telling me, "My dad is coming to get me."?

I agree we are lucky to know what we know.

You will be a great missionary.

Melissa said...

The Spirit is preparing you for your mission... in so many ways!

First, you just told us beautifully and clearly what the Holy Ghost feels like. That's so important for you to be able to communicate that to people who haven't had years of Primary classes to help them recognize it.

The other thing that makes me think of my own mission is your epiphany regarding family. A major light bulb went off for me regarding "family" not too long into my mission. It's such a simple thing. "The family is central to the Plan of Salvation." But I didn't really get it in full until my mission.

Actually, there were a lot of things I didn't really get until my mission (and many more I still need to figure out!). But my mission really helped. I had a fledgling testimony (so fledgling, though, that I'm almost not sure how I managed to get out there in the first place!). Sometimes I wonder, would they let me go today? Would they have expected me to be more prepared?

You are prepared.

Kelly said...

I looked at NieNie's blog for the first time when Mom's link sent me to it. I can't stop thinking about this family! I hated to use these heartbreaking trials to feel better about my own, but it gives you some involuntary perspective.

President Eyring once talked about the loneliness that can accompany this life. It made me think about the great sacrifice that the Lord's servants make for His work -especially the general authorities who are away from their children and grandchildren so much of the time. But they have that eternal perspective to keep going.

Soon you'll be away from us but we have some perspective, too. We know it's worth it.

Call me a wicked Lamanite but I'm puffed up with pride that my little sister is going to be a missionary. (I tell everyone who will listen.) I love you, Bride. So much.

Kelli and Nicholas said...

you should be a writer have i ever told you that? well you should. that is really cool and i felt the sprit while i read it. i hope you guys had fun this weekend! you should write on my blog and tell me about it :). besides i tagged you so you have to check it out. i love you!!

Stacy said...

Thank you for sharing this story, Bridget. I SO agree! I am excited to share this mission journey with you through letters and emails. I love you so much.