Saturday, August 05, 2006

We took a trip a little bit ago up to the mountains and had a cookout with a bunch of my co-workers. It was a blast. I work with F-U-N people.

DJ Tanner woop with the hair!

It was cold, I stole Zach's cool sweater. But it is now what my friends refer to as "the fatgirl sweater" I did not look slim in it. HAH


Stacy said...

Oh Bridie---why won't you be my friend? I look at these pictures and you always look like you are having so much fun that I wish I were there hanging out with you. :) I'm so sad that we didn't get to do something this summer. :(

kelly said...

I'm glad you explained the origin of the sweater because I was going to ask where you got it. I like it. I love going someplace in the summer or fall where you actually get to wear a sweater. I'm so homesick for New England in the fall, and since I can't get there, Utah is an acceptable substitute. So head's up: I might show up at your college apartment sometime, 3 kids in tow. (Of course I remember "Jumper" - "I would understand...")