Sunday, May 13, 2007

Things I love about Mama

* When we were little she would put chicken noodle soup, sometimes spaghetti-o's in our thermos.
* Impeccable taste
* Watches movies in her bed like me sometimes with me.
* Whenever there is candy in her seminary room, on Sunday's would take it home for us.
* Movies are better/more funny when I watch them with her.
* She always knows what to do
* She knows everything.
* When we'd have a field trip she would make a special lunch for us.
* When we'd tattle tale and say "patrick hit me" She'd say "hit him back." Really made me think at the time.
* Nobody makes an O Henry Bar like her.
* Or a whoopie pie.
* Or caramel corn!
* Unbelievable ironing skills
* Let's me borrow her nice things
* Loves her gray hairs
* Let's me teach her slang to make people laugh
* Says an occasional phrase just to make me laugh
* Always knows what medicine to take.
* But I never take medicine, because she never gave it to me.
* Tough it out, right?
* Keeps little things we did in school.
* Gave me my laugh. Loud and boisterous, like she means it.
* Really good at games, word games to be exact.
* Has perfect nails.
* Never once told me to turn my music down.

There's plenty more...

Happy Mother's Day


Bride said...

why does mom ALWAYS win at uno and i ALWAYS lose??? id like a scientific explanation..

Stacy said...

I love that she is the kind of person you can go to with a problem...and she ALWAYS makes you feel better after.

Patti said...

aw, that's sweet.

I really said "bite him back"? Did I?