6th grade

Monday, January 21, 2008

we always end up doing this pose. when i was in middle school, girls and their best friends would go to the mall and choose a backdrop and wear matching cheap clothes and get about 50 wallets each to personalize and give to their friends. so then every girl had a collection of these horrendous embarrassments to showcase how many friends they had. i remember making fun of these girls. but at one moment, a few of my friends (who i still befriend today) and i were weak. and maybe one day if you are very very lucky. ill post it.


Caitlin said...

Do the wedding one, you know, with the hand.

Bride said...

i have several..

Melissa said...

I've been toying with the (suicidal) notion of posting some pictures of me circa 1983 in a neon dance recital costume. I think they're funny not only because I look like a total idiot (the hair is worse than the outfit) but because Travis is in the background of one of the photos clearly mocking me and you can tell I'm ticked.

Anyway, this is a way of saying... I'll do it if you will.