list: things i thought about on my way home.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

my list will be not so awesome cause im always listening to music unless im on the phone (which i do realize is frowned upon but i feel like im saving time) i dont like to usually just sit and talk on the phone. i MUST multi-task! all i do at work is

on my way home;

1. did i put all my money away?
2. did i get all my work signed?
3. are my bank keys in my pocket? (first three same everyday)
4. how awesome is the paramore drummer?
5. i need to write kyle tonite
6. text me back faster..
7. the excitement i feel over my thrift store newly tailored dress
8. do i want in n out?
9. how delicious the meatballs were at work.
10. i want to press the garage door opener now. on cabana.
11. i cant wait to work 9-5 on friday.
12. go garage sale shopping saturday just because of how gorgeous the weather is.
13. put mom's blouse back in closet.
14. transfer manager notes into notebook
15. need to get gas sometime.
16. second thoughts on the dying of my hair monday..
17. i feel like i never have enough music
18. starting to use my a/c and that scares me..
19. my heels theyre weird to drive in
20. marine biologist episode will encore tonite.


Caitlin said...

Do you mean "put Mom's blouse back before she notices it's gone"?

Just wondering...

Caitlin said...

Your dress is so cool. I want to see the shoes you wear with it.

Bride said...

no thats not what i meant. actually got it dry cleaned after i had written permission to wear it.

Bride said...
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Stacy said...

The heat thing & having to put on the a/c scares me too.