lists of memories//my family kicks

Monday, March 03, 2008

1. watching mom and dad dance to R.Kelly's "Step in the name of Love"
2. doing the chicken dances and being badly behaved at Thanksgiving dinner (public)
3. roller coasters at disney with Annie
4. doing puzzles at Christmas time
5. going to the lake for days
6. going to the drive-in like every Friday night
7. going to the movies to see Lord of the Rings with everyone and taking a whole row
8. watching movies on Sunday afternoons with at least 4 under the pink blanket.
9. fighting over chairs/front even during the eldest rule (never sat well with me being the 7th)
10. the candy drawer
11. the bread drawer
12. long competitive and LOUD games
13. saturday mornings when all we'd eat was candy and we'd get sick.
14. singing
15. all being in mom and dad's room
16. staying up late and laughing. at everything.
17. all imitating dad
18. the ceremony of the Christmas decorations
19. embarassing mom in one way or another
20. going to the beach for labor day weekend all together


Patti said...

OH my head that was fun...

Patti said...

BHAHAHA - I just saw the label.

Caitlin said...

We bought some Easter candy last week and totally ate it for breakfast. We were sick all day long. Remember those sour strips. I would take a bullet for some of those.

Patti said...

The Saturday thing started because of the dentist, remember?