Christian Bale eat your heart out

Friday, July 18, 2008

Because my Batman is overweight with a goatee.
(I do not know this person.)
Everyone hated us cause we were so fun. and obnoxious. Not during the movie of course.
Erin no doubtedly laughing about something hilarious I said.
Car ride over singing an "original mix track"

Waiting in angst.

I love this family.

Want you to see how HUGE the cherry pepsi
was not to mention the orange juice I had in the car..I held it.

Midnight showings are always enthusiatic. Needless to say it was wicked awesome.


Caitlin said...

That Batman is totally creepy. Also hilarious.

Melissa said...

I'm impressed by your ability to hold it. I always have trouble coming up with a "talent" when they do those Relief Society get-to-know-you surveys. I would use that one--if I had it as a talent, that is.

Stacy said...

I agree with both Miss and Cait. And just seeing that Batman reminds me of a story Travis told me about someone dressed up as Superman at the movies. It is TOTALLY hilarious. I sometimes try to tell it and pass it off as my own, but it's never as funny as when Trav tells it.

Bride said...

stace you are funny. ive tried to do the same. doesnt work. no matter the material its the delivery that counts.

and i think i have always been pretty good at holding it. hate to brag.

Caitlin said...

Well Missy, you need to quit holding it. Your bladder is a muscle and you know what happens to overworked muscles? They get tired. Hello, urinary stress incontinence. You know how many times I went pee while I was at work today? 4. Yes, 4 times in 8 hours.