Friday, November 21, 2008

Rave Theaters in Town Square in Las Vegas. I am meeting a girlfriend from work and she arrives before me at around 11pm. She tells me on the phone on my way there that there is a crazy huge line just to get into the building. I arrive and walk through a very young and black tshirt wearing crowd yelling into the phone(?) for my friend. She is seriously at the END of a crowded line of at least 200 people. I jump the little fence and she reluctantly follows me. The line is wrapped conveniently around the building. Around the corner from the end of the line is a door. We go through it. Several stairs and two more unmarked doors. I try and open one, locked. The second; opens and we are inside. I ripped my ticket in half and sat down in Auditorium 1. What a pro rule breaker I am, right Mom?

If you do not wish to hear my very important and most valued opinion as well as details from this movie I kinda saw last night then stop reading.

SO it begins..

Let me first say, reading every book in this mega-series was fun. I am a sucker. I don't care. Everyone knows "the book was way better than the movie." DUH. When you read a book the characters have time to develop, you are invested in these characters and the story. Not only this, but you have created in your mind what they think, how they look, and how everything would play out if you made the movie.

Saying this, after reading the books and being attached to fictional characters as many 14 year olds do, I simply HAD to see the movie at midnight before I heard anybody else's opinion. I knew it would be sheer agony to have to live through November 21st and not KNOW.

Robert Pattinson as Edward was definitely intense. Probably the best thing going for him. Oh and he is a fox. His eager need to tackle the role and become the character made some scenes that were supposed to be serious, laughable. Funny, even. I feel like the intensity was put in the wrong moments. Edward wants to KILL Bella when they are sitting in Biology together for the first time! I feel I was robbed of that intensity so pure in the book! She walked into the room and the acting was sad/funny.

Kristen Stewart was pretty much awful. She has the look, I guess. She didn't understand Bella's character, at all. She had no personality, at all. Bella is witty, sarcastic and charming without trying to be, among her other more human traits. Kristen was boring and lines were delivered incorrectly and emotions were not expressed adequately. Frankly, the acting was distracting and disappointing. I hope she gets better.

Special Effects; WOW. And not a good wow. It could have been totally hard core and awesome. Not so much. And I have lots of brothers; I know a good fight scene and or righteous special effects.

One last thing, what was up with the music? The only enjoyable somewhat magical (humor me) moment was when they sort of danced to "Claire De Lune". Because good music can transform a scene, you don't need much. Background music was poorly chosen in general as well as put in wrong moments or just played for too long. So many times I wished for just silence.

This may sound harsh; but I will still see these movies. They still stayed pretty true to the book, plot and even dialogue. I will still reread the books. I still have stupid Robert Pattinson on my cell phone wallpaper.

Thus I am faithful. Even though I am a little bit sad that this movie could have been more than a hasty money maker I saw it coming.


Patti said...

Big rule violation. Big. Rule breaker...

Bride said...

my review too long? Dad didn't finish it..