Don't Judge Me

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

1. When we were little Mama would put chicken noodle soup, or spaghetti-o's in our thermos for school. Does it get any better than that?
2. I let things manipulate me very easily, music and movies..
3. I'll get stressed out in certain movies. I don't like those movies.
4. Like "Meet the Parents"? That many horrible things in one weekend!? Drive me crazy!
5. I am a happy person. But sometimes I need to cry.
6. I mostly cry about missing my family.
7. Honestly, I HATE Caity living where she lives.
8. She's the only one I talk to on the phone.
9. She's probably my favorite person ever.
10. Nobody makes me laugh like my brothers.
11. I feel like I know how I deserve to be treated, because I have a really really good Dad, who is a really good husband.
12. I love candy. So much. Sometimes I eat it for breakfast.
13. I hate it when they make sequels to the classic Disney movies. It's seriously an insult.
14. I still love Honey Nut Cheerios.
15. I love it when it rains in Vegas, it reminds me of really good times.
16. I hate it when it rains in Cedar, it makes me sad.
17. I love friendly customers.
18. I am a friendly customer.
19. I love my ipod. I use it everyday.
20. Shuffle is the greatest thing ever.
21. I had the best friends in high school.
22. And I truly believe I will know them forever.
23. I am funniest when I am with Tamara.
24. She's really funny.
25. It's hard for me to be myself completely with my whole family there.
26. I feel bombarded.
27. I think my favorite thing to do is eat.
28. Everything is made better with food.
29. I wear my very plain $7 ctr ring everyday.
30. I love it.
31. The few days I don't, I wear the ring my Annie gave me.
32. I love that our family is not a typical Mormon family.
33. I am a movie buff.
34. I am really good at knowing things that don't matter.
35. If I buy one new piece of clothing, I have 5 new outfits in my head.
36. Why would a smaller candy bar be a "fun" size??
37. If I had to choose any concert in the world to go to it would be the Beatles, and my whole family would have to be present.
38. Last Easter I couldn't go home, and you called me and said you missed me.
39. I cried and listened to Steely Dan.
40. I feel lucky because I feel everyone in my family has influenced my taste in music.
41. I have a very eclectic collection.
42. I love that.
43. My laugh is loud and obnoxious.
44. Sometimes I hear it replay in my head, and cringe.
45. I don't care about what people think about me, haven't in a long time.
46. Except for my Mom.
47. I wish I saw my babies more.
48. I like doing the dishes at work, it's relaxing.
49. I love bangs.
50. I love getting ready.
51. I enjoy being a girl.
52. When I think about the eternal perspective, I feel a lot better about life.
53. Getting my patriarchal blessing was the coolest thing I've experienced so far.
54. The beach makes me so so happy.
55. I want to always be there.
56. I used to be afraid of roller coasters.
57. Then I went with my friends in 10th grade. And did not want to be the one waving to them.
58. Now I love roller coasters.
59. I love my sorority.
60. It's hard to explain how great it is, if you've never experienced it.
61. I have people here, who would do anything for me.
62. I love when you know people's names at work places.
63. For example, Rosa at Alby's.
64. I am obsessed with pictures.
65. You like Kelly Clarkson and you know it.
66. I really think about my future kids, and hope they're cute.
67. Because all of the babies now, are really cute.
68. It is very important to me how a guy treats and talks about his mother and sisters.
69. That's how I can tell, Zach will be a really good husband.
70. I love makeup.
71. Sometimes it's annoying in a sorority house, when everyone wants you to do their hair and makeup.
72. I'll have a crush on a boy, and once I can see he might like me back, I don't like him.
73. PLEASE tell me this will go away.
74. One of the best compliments I could receive is that I'm funny.
75. I love jewelry.
76. I love my ward so so much.
77. We are a big happy family.
78. I look forward to my Relief Society meetings every Wednesday.
79. I love having spontaneous deep conversations.
80. I hate feeling alone at family functions when everyone has a spouse and or date.
81. Caity is really good at making me not feel like that.
82. I love dogs.
83. I secretly (well not anymore) want an Oscar.
84. I wear flipflops as often as I can.
85. Especially when my toes look as good as they do now. (thanks to my mama)
86. I hate my skin.
87. One-uppers. So annoying.
88. I love calling people out.
89. I really don't mind confrontation.
90. I don't think Caity and I have ever said sorry after an argument.
91. We would just start talking again after 5 minutes.
92. I have to have lip gloss and chapstick with me all of the time.
93. I really loved my high school. So fun and easy.
94. I love baptisms.
95. I love being reminded that the church is true everyday.
96. Even though my heart belongs to Boston, Vegas is my hometown.
97. I am only friends with people, I can sit around and do nothing and be completely content.
98. You shouldn't have to work to be someone's friend.
99. I am a huge flirt.
100. Doritos are still the best.


Patti said...

Do you really eat candy for breakfast?

I loved your "100". THANKS for the glimpse.

Patti said...

One Christmas Travis told me he felt sad because everybody had somebody except for him.

Patti said...

And did you know Brandon has always wanted to win an Academy Award? I learned that about him playing a game one night. You're in good company.

Caitlin said...

Oh, Bridgey. Your list is so funny. I totally agree about the fun size candy bar and that second bedroom? Totally yours.

Missa said...

OK, that Dad and how-you-should-be-treated thing is TOTALLY true. And it will absolutely contribute to your happiness in life.

I have friends who are terrible to each other in their marriages and it confuses and upsets me. I'm glad that it confuses and upsets me. (The strange part is how it DOESN'T confuse and upset THEM.) Dad and Patti modeled a great marriage for me. Thanks! I owe you both.