i am so emo right now

Thursday, February 15, 2007

That's what I think about Valentine's Day. I am such an artist. ("It's Science" is from Anchorman so you say it with what I call, a "Burgandy" voice.)

P.S. Just for those who might ask I'll save you the comment. "emo" is a type of music short for emotional, sometimes angry and bitter (ie: Dashboard Confessional PERFECT example) It's a sub genre for hardcore punk music. (I could go on and on about the history but Dashboard is one of the most popular versions of emo, a breakthrough band, and one of my favorites) so it's basically kinda like crybaby music. I love it, pretty much have since the 7th grade. And now it's turned into like a scene-you can dress emo, (Patrick with his hood on and headphones in, so emo right now) everyone has been making fun of me (but they secretly wanna be like me) for being emo. Don't hate.

Examples of some emo lyrics

"Sing this song for me, and tell me how you'll never leave my side, I'll meet you at 7, I miss you already, goodbye to you."
*The Starting Line [Cheek to Cheek] AMAZING live. This was their encore song

"I'm not sleeping, no I'm not sleeping, because of you, and I've been dying to know, what's on your mind, and I've been dying, to hear your voice"
*Allred [I'm Not Sleeping]

"I'd buy you lemonade right now, if you were here, and I'd throw it in your face, and I'd listen to you cry!" (crazy huh!? hahha)
*Saves the Day [Rocks Tonic Juice Magic]

"I heard about your regrets, I heard that you were feeling sorry, I heard from someone that you wish you could set things right between us"
*Dashboard Confessional [The Best Deceptions]

"Take aim at the soft and tender, cause staring's not supposed to hurt!"
*The Higher [Lo]

I hope I have educated someone today. Yikes I sound like Micheal from tonite.


Bride said...

i just realized i am queen of the parenthesis. for this i apologize.

Caitlin said...

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE the lemonade song? I love it. It's funny to me.

I'm impressed by your Paint program skills. Good job.

Bride said...

its totally comical. i def know this caity-youve sung it on my answering machine.

Patti said...

I'm just so lost . . .

(Although I WILL download that lemonade song because the lyrics made me laugh).

In my Ron Burgundy voice, Bridie, "freakin love you".

Bride said...

i freakin love you back!

Zach said...

I've made a huge mistake...