I'm weird.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Caity inspired me.

1. I am the Radio Nazi. Pretty much wherever I go, I am in charge of the music. In the car, in my room, when I clean, and especially at work, I bring in the cds, I control the radio. Whatever I say goes. I am always used to my music being very loud-Mom and Dad probably told me to turn down my music maybe once my whole life. What great parents. Music is supposed to be heard-it is supposed to be loud. Good thing I live in the basement.

2. I'm obsessed with eyebrows. I always notice when someone has good eyebrows. They can make or break a face. I am very particular with my own eyebrows and how they are done as well-I wonder where it comes from. Could it have something to do with Caitlin waxing my bushy brows when I was in 7th grade, no?

3. Although I agree with needing the undeniable tasty duo of the chips with the sandwich-I am now a bigger connoisseur of the ice cold beverage. I don't drink soda any longer. Very difficult when I get free soda-and I really like soda. So now I need something other than soda with every meal. Powerade, Lemonade, and I love love love Orange juice. I'm almost always in the mood for it. Yumbo.

4. On the inside, I'm 7 years old. I love dancing like a crazy person and I have no shame (I do this at work, at boys houses I just met, school hallway, in the rain, living room) I am a candy face. I still want to stay up late past my bedtime. I never like a boy for longer than a week. My favorite birthday gift this year-was a plastic ring from my birthday cake (all my best friends have matching ones too.)

5. The Salty Sweet Combo. Doritos + double stuff Oreos= delectable treat. I know, I know. This stems from Caity too, even though she would only eat that stuff with me under my suggestion she would still partake in the joy of the extreme unhealthiness. I have spread the love for this abroad. (Mama says it's PMS food.)

6. I can memorize lines to a movie all too easily. I say nothing original, because everything reminds me of a quote. I know this is a good Lunn trait-but seriously don't test me. I will get the line right, too.

7. I don't like to match. I mean I follow the rules like black and brown, stuff like that. Something matching and something that "goes" is totally different. And sometimes I think I have a gift for putting things together. When I get one new thing-I have ten new outfits. I think it was being exposed to those Instyle layout things at a very young age. I wear things several people never would. Probably the only thing I'm good at.


Stacy said...

You seriously don't know where you get the eyebrow thing?! That's totally from MOM! She ALWAYS talks about eyebrows.

Patti said...

I don't know why Stacy's post made me laugh so hard, but it did. There are just SO many things you don't know about yourself until someone points them out . . .

And Bride . . . you are the best organizer AND cleaner in the world. You are good at so many things!

Caitlin said...

When I read about me waxing your eyebrows I was like HEY but then I thought 7th grade, that's old.
Oh, that's bad...

I was going to say the same, Mom. Bride IS good at so many things. She's the best sign maker in the world and she also has impeccable handwriting.

Caitlin said...

M&Ms and Lays potato chips that's all I gotta say.

Missa said...

I suddenly feel self-conscious about my eyebrows.